This is a parent-led society school for Autistic, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Disabilities and Mentally Retarded persons. The organisation runs a regular school plan under National Trust of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. 

    Persons with Disabilities undergo special education, dance and music therapy, sensory activities, occupational therapy, applied behavior analysis, physiotherapy and speech therapy by trained therapists and pathologists and educators. Distinguished board members including physicians, mentors and psychologists periodically assess the physiological, educational and psychological development of the persons with disabilities. 

    Apart from running a regular school for these differently abled children, this organization does its level best to provide support for social security, mental trauma and trivial family issues that are common to these ill-fated families. 

    Therefore this organization acts as a welfare family where parents of these children with disabilities can find a mental shelter. Together, we devote ourselves to the welfare of the differently abled with an exclusive and effective center for facilitating the Divyangjan of the society. We help in empowering them by maintaining an interactive data bank providing information so as to get equal opportunities of employment, educational skills, competency building, organizing health check-up camps and also to provide the necessary equipment for them so that they should earn their livelihood and be a part of the society with dignity. 

    This organization observes Teachers' Day on 5th September, International Day of Autism Spectrum Disorder on 2nd April, International day of Cerebral Palsy on 3rd October and International Week of Persons with Disabilities.

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